Consulting & Validation

Hire us to take all the work out of your compliance maintenance

Whether it is to the national training standards, international standards and or other business standards.

We can take care of your:

  • Planning for audits and validations including schedules based on risk.
  • Independent review of the systems for managing training.
  • Review of feedback system results linking the organisation's systems and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for Training.
  • Provide audit reports noting continuous improvement areas assisting in clearer training system return on investment (ROI) identification.
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Quick and easy compliance validation

Even competent compliance managers and officers need help, Valid8ed helps those in compliance positions to be more effective and efficient when they are reviewing their assessment tools. By saving time, resources, and reducing stress gaps are identified more accurately, confidence can be gained by knowing your compliance % levels and specific reloading of the improvements can be visually seen.

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EDCV membership

Become part of the community that specialises in Assessment and Validation

If you are looking for a community that gets your assessment compliance enthusiasm, then this is the membership for you. This exciting new membership has been developed by EDCV Validators.

We have designed a community that provides regular and specific quality assessment compliance information and training, tools and other resources but not bombard you with webinar notices and other rubbish that you must sift through.

It is cost effective and its full of practical information.

Our members can enjoy:

  • Direct content tagging current issues,
  • Info to assist gap identification in your own assessment systems and
  • Amazing help with statistical analysis without clogging up your email
  • Online courses just for members
  • Exclusive templates, checklist and discounts just for members
  • Supportive environment that we can all share audit stories, tips and tricks to stay positive in compliance

Become a member today, membership is only open until April so don’t miss out.

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