Independent Assessment Validation

Helping RTOs reduce non-compliance and stay in business

Why You Need to Partner With Us

Non-compliance in an RTO is the death knell of the business.

ASQA Audits are inevitable.

Gone are the days when you could scramble up some evidence and then get a warning with
rectification action required to maintain your RTO registration.

Education Compliance Validators are all about helping RTOS be more profitable through
streamlining compliance systems and maintaining registration through independent assessment validation products and services.

Discover stress free audit preparation

For some people compliance and audit are their passion but even competent Compliance staff need help. By using an independent assessment review system, you can be more informed about the compliance status of the assessments.

With the time saved from efficiently reviewing assessment tools before the audit you're able to ensure all other teammates and audit preparation are in order.

Training and Assessment are one of the key phases that ASQA focuses on during the student-centred audit process. EDCV services include packages from one on one consultation to group workshops and Student Sample Validation packages to complete assessment system reviews.

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Education Compliance Validators are committed to the whole picture when it comes
to your assessment systems. We achieve this by embracing 3 different areas.

About Education Compliance Validators

Our compliance validation company created Valid8ed, the first online assessment review and mapping tool used by RTOs
and Assessment creators. We have saved our clients hundreds of hours in mapping and reduced their noncompliance at audit.

EDCV and Valid8ed reduce time and money wasted on ineffective validation processes.

We deliver these outcomes by providing access to Valid8ed, an initiative solution that is accessible
to an RTO’s team. Valid8ed provides independent review, data and reports and is more affordable that an external consultant or their internal team.


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