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Just wanted to send through an email of gratitude for your support over the past 18 months. We had our post-initial site audit this week and received a very positive result and not one non-compliance was issued. Big relief to say the least!
I have put so much into the RTO making many improvements along the way and thank you for your support and advice as it was needed. I struggled early in the piece with not knowing the industry (at all!) however can now confidently move forward knowing I am on the right path in the VET world.
I was so happy for you and need to pass on the auditors were very impressed with your mapping. They suggested the person responsible for the mapping should have been at the ASQA Provider Briefings across the country as the mapping has been done to a very high standard and exactly what they’re looking for in RTO’s. Well done! They commented on including the dimensions of competency, something I still don’t understand but would love to have a session on together at some point.

Bonnie Camp, Coordinator of Training - Century Training

Vanessa has been working with us (Maxitool Mining) on the generation of a Mill Reline Training Package which is web based. The design structure and layout of the Training Package is a credit to Vanessa and her company. The content within this package is quite large and very specific to Mill Relines within the Mining Sector and Vanessa approach to the Project was very proficient

I would highly recommend Vanessa and her Company and will be using her services again.

Phill Manitta, Managing Director - Maxitool Mining

Thank you sooo much for this report, I am really appreciative of the amount of professional work that you can do in such a short time

Wanda Swart, Development Manager - Foundation Education
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