Are Your Courses Compliant?

 Are you Up to Date with the Latest Standards Around Vocational Education Compliance?


Why You Need to Partner with Us

The EDCV team are passionate, committed and professional at Validation and Quality in the VET system. 

Partnering with us will ensure your RTO’s assessments are included in the PLAN for ongoing systematic validation. EDCV can either DO the validation for you or with you. This partnership can make CHECKING the resources for training and assessment, map the documents to the standards, and meet the requirements of an independent Validator so easy.

EDCV’s reports are ready for your staff to ACT on all continuous improvement suggestions, clearly linked to the training package, unit of competency and principles of assessment. Or if you need to EDCV can complete the whole process for you.

Ways We Can Help

Education Compliance Validators are committed to the whole picture when it comes to your assessment systems. We achieve this by embracing 2 different areas.

Experienced gap analysis, validation and mapping of assessments.

Convenient and focused compliance and validation training. We want to share the skills and knowledge with you to assist with your compliance professional development.

About Education Compliance Validators

EDCV / Education Compliance Validators are an external consulting company that specialises in mapping, gap analysis, validation and creation of Training and Assessment resources*.

Our clients range from small to large private and public registered training organisations and corporate organisations that need expertise for internal and external course creation and compliance review.

Over 20 years’ experience of vocational education experience in registered training and auditing environments. The option to have the validation of all your resources, training and assessment for one or more units of competency completed off site for you or assistance with your validation and compliance needs in a partnership arrangement. 

Development of training and assessment resources developed specifically for your organisation’s needs. Access to up to date online training in validation, mapping and understanding compliance for your team of dedicated staff.


“ We had our post-initial site audit this week and received a very positive result and not one non-compliance was issued.

Century Training

“I would highly recommend Vanessa and her Company and will be using her services again."


“I am really appreciative of the amount of professional work that you can do in such a short time."

Foundation Education 

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