What are the outcomes of the gap analysis?

After the Gap Analysis you will receive the report outlining areas for improvement.

Comments are also annotated through track changes on your version of the documents provided to reflect the report and any suggested improvements.

What type of businesses do you work with?

We work with public and private Registered Training Organisations as well as organisations that are not training providers but would like their internal training to be of a high standard.

Depending on the project and the industry we can also assist in the creation of online training course development.

How much does the validation cost?

We work on a project or hourly rate basis, please contact our Validators for a free quote today

How long does the online courses take?

Our courses take about 2 hours to complete and you are able to stop and start. The Courses are open to access for 1 month only from the date of purchase.

Can you fix the problems identified by the validation and the gap analysis?

Depending on the industry we may be able to assist in the amendments of the resources provided for Validation.

If the subject matter is one we have expertise in we are more than happy to help.

Can you use our Validation and quality system documents?

Absolutely we can fit seamlessly fit into your organisations already established system as we are the validation expert and part of your organisations validation team.

Does EDCV comply with the National ASQA standards for Validation?

Yes the requirements noted on the ASQA* website include the following the definition for Validators and ‘industry relevance’ requirements.

People who have current skills, knowledge and experience in the vocational area can provide input on:

* The industry relevance of the context and conditions of the assessment
* The industry relevance of the resources used during assessment
* The tasks the learner completed, and
* The judgements made by the assessor.

People who are vocationally competent will either:

* Hold competency in the training product being validated, or
* Be able to demonstrate they have skills and knowledge equivalent to the requirements of the training product.

* For further information about Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) please click here
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