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By Vanessa McCarthy 22 Aug, 2019
4 simple steps to reduce Validation stress
By Vanessa McCarthy 01 Feb, 2018
The Australian VET industry and those that deliver and assess to produce competent people in their chosen field are at times in the media for the wrong reasons. I believe in focusing on the positives of the industry which means to understand the way quality is achieved.
By Vanessa McCarthy 11 Dec, 2017
The national standards have now changed, which identify and require you to update your qualification as a VET trainer and assessor. Other than doing the new version of the course what else can you do?
By Vanessa McCarthy 30 Nov, 2017
With the current reports, reviews published and the ASQA decisions regarding actions on RTO’s made public, it is important to use this data and to learn from our industries mistakes.
By Vanessa McCarthy 10 Nov, 2017
Find the gap and build the bridge in Assessments through Gap analysis. Understand the connections in a unit to ensure the assessment fill all the gaps.
By Vanessa McCarthy 30 Oct, 2017
Don't buy into the panic merchants version of compliance and take your time to fully understand the issues and plan ahead.
By Vanessa McCarthy 05 Sep, 2017
The term mapping is used, generally with respect to mapping a unit of competency and not to be confused with competency mapping, to describe how a training provider can show how and where the unit is reflected in these resources.
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